2020 AGM Postponed & Agi Hall closed for Events and Meetings

We want to let you know that your co-op directors have decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting until the COVID-19 crisis has passed.  As soon as we can safely re-schedule the AGM we will send another official notice of meeting, at least two weeks in advance.

Also, for health and safety reasons, the board has decided to close the hall for all events and meetings.

We will advise you, our member/owners,  by email or letter, on our website, and our facebook page when these restrictions are lifted. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause and we are happy to do our part in ensuring our members and our community are kept safe during this pandemic. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Gabriola Agriculture Co-operative

Enhancing the local economy through the support and promotion of the Growers and Makers of Gabriola and Mudge Islands

The Gabriola Agricultural Co-op was originally formed as a buying club for the farmers on the island to allow them to buy seed, fertilizer, etc. at a cheaper cost.

Gabriola Agi Hall

The Agi Hall was rebuilt in 1967 after a fire destroyed the original building. It continues to be the focus for our Growers and Makers Market on Saturdays from May to October as well as the Christmas Craft Fair in December.

Over the years, the AGI Hall has also been home to the Garden Club, the Tai Chi Club, dog training classes, birthday parties, traveling importers, RDN and VIHA information sessions and many 4H events as well as the annual Remembrance Day Tea.

Contact us for more information on Hall rentals.

Growers and Makers Market

The Gabriola Agricultural Co-op Farmer’s Market was initially opened in the mid eighties to support the farmers on Gabriola and Mudge Islands. The Saturday market gave local farmers a venue to sell their produce locally, and this remained the central focus of the Co-operative for many years. Gradually, local artisans were welcomed, and their presence enhanced the market experience for the public and vendors alike.

The Farmer’s Market has gone from strength to strength in the past 5 years, largely through an increased drive to bring fresh, local produce and food back to the market. As well, there is now a more varied choice of artisans’ and artists’ work to share, and an expanded vendor space.

Much of the success of the market in its current form lies with our very popular and hard working Market and Hall Manager.

Annual Fall Fair

During these years the AGI Hall also hosted the Annual Fall Fair which was a highlight on the rural calendar for many years. This event was popular with all ages, and included exhibits for fruits, vegetables, garden artistry, animals (the 4H club was a big part of it) as well as many crafts such as weaving, painting, woodwork, and pottery.

The Gabriola Agricultural Co-op board is committed to listening and responding to Gabriolan’s wishes for the future of the Agi Hall and the Agricultural Co-op.


A big thanks to all our volunteers past and present, without you we wouldn’t be able to make local food and crafts accessible and sustainable.

Our volunteers are involved in board members, special event co-ordinators and helpers, media promotion, market helpers, hall, grounds and parking upkeep.Contact us if you would like to volunteer for the Agi Co-op.  


And another big thank you to all our Sponsors and Funders.

CLICK HERE  if you would like to make a donation to our Co-operative.

Membership Shares

The Gabriola Agriculture Co-op is governed by a volunteer board, who help represent our members in any decisions made.

Lifetime membership shares are available at $5.  Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a member.